We encourage and invite all parents to participate in the process of Confirmation Prep. For some of these opportunities, adults are required to complete the Child & Youth Protection Training. Contact Pam Franke at pfranke@archbalt or 410-592-8666 to register for online training.


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CONF 2018 Parent Volunteers:

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CONF 2018 Parent Volunteers:

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The Sacrament of Confirmation celebrates the fullness of the Holy Spirit conferred upon the individual at Baptism. It is seen as the process of ongoing renewal and commitment to grow in spiritual maturity and service to the people of God, thus proclaiming the lived expression of Christ in the world! #MissionaryDiscipleship


~~ Welcome Candidates for 2019 & 2020 ~~

Teens who wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation are invited into a deeper relationship with Jesus and full, active, conscious participation in the life of the parish!

To enter into Immediate Preparation for the Sacrament 2018-2019 (Confirmed in 2019),           OR                                                                                                                                          To enter into Remote Preparation for the Sacrament 2018-2019 (Confirmed in 2020),          a student must be in:

Catholic School, or

Public School and participating in Parish Faith Formation, or

Home School (not attending public or catholic school) and either participating in Parish Faith Formation or using an approved religion curriculum (such as Seton).



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For Questions about Registration please contact Pam Franke pfranke@archbalt.org

2019 Confirmation Calendar


Remote Prep Service Record (Blue Sheet) for Confirmation 2020

Immediate Prep Service Record (Gold Sheet) for Confirmation 2019

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Saint Project


The interview will be held as a pot luck dinner, we appreciate all contributions to help make this a special event.  Please Note: Please sign up for your interview date, and in addition, sign up for any items you would like to bring. Thank you!

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We are able to offer a choice of meeting day, but spaces WILL BE LIMITED. Choose either Sundays or Tuesdays, and come to all four sessions on the same day of the week (please, no switching). 

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~ General Information ~

At St. Stephen Church, preparing for Confirmation is parish-based, meaning that students from the Parish School, other Catholic Schools, Home School programs, and Parish Faith Formation meet together for activities and instruction.  Our goal is to get you to the starting point, Confirmation Day, for LIFE-LONG DISCIPLESHIP!

Mass attendance every weekend is crucial in forming the commitment to the Catholic Faith in the context of a parish which one seeks to proclaim membership.

· In Year 1, Remote Preparation, youth completing their 6th grade year are invited to enter into the preparation process.  It includes, in addition to weekly Mass attendance:

Continued and Ongoing Enrollment in a Catholic School or age-appropriate Parish-based Faith Formation or an approved religion curriculum for Home-School familes who do not attend public school; and ongoing service experiences (a goal of at least 15 hours) including participation in one St. Stephen parish-based  service project (usually offered once or more per month throughout the entire year).

· In Year 2, Immediate Preparation, youth completing their 7th grade year or higher and having met the standard of Year 1 are invited to enter into and commit to participating in the immediate preparation process.  The same standards of year 1 should continue: Mass attendance, continued Catholic or Home School or Parish-based Faith Formation attendance, and ongoing service experiences.  In addition, Year 2 includes:

Fall Sponsor Night, A Saint project, An interview experience, Confirmation Enrollment during a weekend Mass, four Sunday sessions on the Sacrament of Confirmation, a retreat, and a culminating evening of reflection.

Sponsors take an active part in the immediate preparation of the candidate by participation with the candidate in the Enrollment ceremony, Sponsor Night, and an Evening of Reflection, as well as the Confirmation ceremony itself. Parents offer support by attending a Confirmation Seminar for both the remote & immediate prep years along with the candidate, and by encouraging and assisting their children in Christian Service projects. Parents/Parishioners offer support as partners in prayer.

· Years following Confirmation, the Covenant Year (Mystagogy), newly confirmed youth are encouraged to continue in their weekly Mass attendance, ongoing and continued age-appropriate faith formation, and Christian service.  In particular, youth are invited to be active in a parish-based ministry to share their gifts as missionary disciples in their Church community and beyond!  Many opportunities are available for a variety of interests.  To get involved in a ministry, please contact Mrs. Kellie Reynolds 410-592-7294 or kreynolds@archbalt.org