We are very grateful to our parishioners for remaining faithful to our parish in both their deeds and financial support.  We thank you and appreciate your continued support.

Online Giving Program Offerings

Saint Stephen Church has some good news to share! Your offertory gifts made through our Online Program work harder than ever to support our church. Your gifts will allow our church to reduce administrative costs, plan for future projects with greater efficiency, and spend more time on ministry, less on fundraising. The Online Program is convenient, as well as safe, secure, and reliable! When you participate in the Online Program, your gift will be transferred conveniently from your checking or credit card account directly to Saint Stephen Church. A record of each gift will appear on your monthly bank or credit card statements. As a participant of the program, you may make either reoccurring monthly gifts or one time only gifts. You may continue to place your offertory envelope in the weekly collection basket. You may increase, decrease, or suspend your monthly gift any time through the online monthly donation form or by contacting the church by phone or mail. All gifts provided to Saint Stephen Church as ACH transactions comply with U.S. law. 

Online Giving Program

E-Giving Monthly Donation (includes Capital Campaign) 
E-Giving One Time Donation
E-Giving St. Stephen School Annual Fund